You will need an Aeropress, a paper filter, a kettle, a spatula, a scales, a chronometer, hot water, and your favourite blend from the Monger. 

Scale 15g of coffee, and grind it between espresso and filter grind size. If you don’t own a grinder ask the Mongers who will happily grind it and deliver to your door. 

Place the paper filter in the lid, and pour some hot water the filter will stick inside of the lid. 

Assemble both aeropress parts together like you see it in picture.

Place aeropress on the scales, add your ground coffee and zero the scale. The Aeropress is in an upside down position, and that’s precisely why it’s called inverted method.

Add 30g of water and stir well with your spatula making sure all the grounds are wet.

And leave it to bloom for 30 seconds.
Then add another 170g of water stir the brew once more, and screw the lid on.
Coffee grounds are infusing and need to do so for one minute.

Flip your aeropres upside right, place it on your favourite mug (make sure it will handle the pressure – The Mongers cups are very handy here).

Plunge it down with the pressure the brew is flushed through the filter— it will take between 20-30 seconds.  Voila! Enjoy!