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About US

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Coffee Monger's Story

Welcome to the third wave of coffee.

Third wave coffee is all about experience. Enhancing flavours to their maximum potential. And anticipating every detail to create spectacular taste.

Founders Brooke and Tarek traded beans for big coffee for 29 years before moving on from the corporate grind in 2015. Joining up with Gareth and Jake, the goal for these 4 was to roast the best specialty coffees on the market and share these interesting and wonderful gems with a new community. This goal became their obsession.

From these beginnings 5 years ago, we’ve become a tight team who supply coffees to hundreds of individuals and businesses throughout Hampshire. We’ve put the New Forest on the map as a coffee culture destination, and we want to keep spreading the love, across the UK and beyond. But don’t take our word for it — come visit us at the Roastery in Lymington and join our world of coffee.

Our Approach to Coffee

It’s not just that each of us at Coffee Monger’s loves coffee. We love coffee because it’s so challenging and rewarding  to produce. We love pushing flavour to the limits. And we love being a part of a vibrant global community that makes great coffee happen.

For us, coffee represents a community of people coming together to appreciate one of life’s pleasures. So when we brew a perfect coffee, we celebrate, and share. We think our coffees are one of life’s victories, and we hope that when you drink our coffee, you experience a little victory too.

Plus, our approach has worked.  From our base in Lymington, we’ve built a community of coffee-lovers that continues to grow. Our coffee drinkers aren’t just passionate about great tasting coffee; they’re curious, environmentally conscious, and community builders.

Join us on a life-long discovery of taste. Let’s feel good about coffee, together.

Our Daily Grind

There are a million different ways to screw up coffee, from harvest to roasting to brewing. We consider these challenges a golden opportunity.

Speciality coffees are what we do. Our green Arabica beans are sourced from top global growing regions and submitted to a process of rigorous quality control. At the start of the harvests, samples are requested then roasted in our in-house Probat sample roaster to be cupped and graded. Your coffee is roasted in Ferris, our 20kg Buhler, before delivery. All production is medium roasted to coax out a more balanced flavour and aroma. It’s taken us years of development to get to where we are now, but bettering our coffee is the exciting part of every roast. 

No to single use plastic

Coffee Mongers strives to bring you the very best coffees on the planet whilst encouraging and doing our part in maintaining an ecologically sustainable planet.  We actively support Surfers Against Sewage and endeavour everyday to make our roastery single use plastic free. #saynotoplastic


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