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Founder and green coffee trader, Tarek El-Khazindar, created Coffee Monger's in 2015 in Lymington, UK. He first began his coffee trading career way back in 1984 in Paris, and soon moved to London in 1996 where he still trades coffee and travels the origins. Every month, Tarek brings home the very best beans for the roastery.


Our Coffees are all specialty Arabica coffees grown at high altitude between the tropics. We carefully choose our beans for their quality from sustainable producers. Our beans are of the highest quality and we love all our coffees from green to cup. 


Our delicious coffees start their journey through rigorous quality control. At the start of the harvests, samples are requested and are then roasted in our Probat sample roaster in order to be cupped and graded. The green coffees selected will be ordered, shipped and checked again on arrival. Your coffee will be roasted in Ferris, our fine 20 kg Buhler just in time for your delivery. All our production is medium roasted, and each blend and single origin have their own unique roasting profile. We believe this rigorous process brings out the best flavours and aromas from every bean we roast.

No to single use plastic

Coffee Mongers strives to bring you the very best coffees on the planet whilst encouraging and doing our part in maintaining an ecologically sustainable planet.  We actively support Surfers Against Sewage and endeavour everyday to make our roastery single use plastic free. #saynotoplastic

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