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Monger ?

Urban dictionary:
Is a person who seems to spend all his time at a coffee shop and may end up working there. Usually has long hair and reeks of coffee. Jake is such a coffee shop monger

Yes, he’s truly a monger! Our founder, Master Roaster, and veteran green coffee trader, Tarek El-Khazindar, created this boutique roasting company in the tail end of 2015 in Lymington, UK. He first began his coffee trading career in 1984 in Paris, and soon moved to London in 1996 where he managed coffee trading businesses. As a coffee gourmet, Tarek lamented the fact that speciality coffee could not be enjoyed without paying a premium price. Now, using his 30 years of experience in sourcing the best quality beans from around the world, he’s excited to share with you our incredible, freshly roasted coffees.

Tarek ...