The Monger's Brewing Tips
A great day starts with Coffee Monger's coffee. To brew, all you need is your Coffee Monger’s freshly roasted and ground beans, a brewer and a cup.

Freshly roasted coffee
48 hours after roasting our coffee beans are ready to be brewed. Freshness is key.

The Grind
Each brewing method requires a different grind setting: fine for espresso and coarse for french press.

Use filtered water. Good water = delicious brew. Don’t pour boiling water on your coffee! Let the water cool down to 92-96 degrees Celsius.

Paper filters
If you are using a filter, rinse with hot water first to wash away any taste of the paper.

Make your coffee bloom by pouring twice as much water as you have coffee. Let this concoction rest for 30 seconds. What is happening here is that the grounds are absorbing the water and releasing CO2 in preparation for the next step: extraction and infusion. Note that the more you stir, the stronger your coffee will be.

Be adventurous and experiment, coffee brewing is an adventure. It is all about discovering a balanced cup that is right for you and your family and friends. Let us know how your brewing is going; we love to hear from you.